“I am delighted to write in support of the first-rate service we have received from Jo Beer and her team at Bursary Assessment Associates this academic year. 

Withington Girls’ School is extremely proud of its bursary programme which enables one in six girls in the Senior School to receive means-tested bursary support.  The school has a robust system for the evaluation of bursary applications and a comprehensive system in place for the annual review of parents’ financial circumstances.  In almost every case, prior to the offer of a bursary being made, the school requires a home visit. 

We were interested in exploring the opportunity to engage Jo Beer and her team to assist us to independently assess the circumstances of prospective new pupils.  As a result of the pandemic, the ‘home visits’ were carried out on Teams, and the organisation for these interviews was first-rate.  BAA has an excellent on-line portal which enabled all bursary applicants to complete their applications digitally and attach relevant supporting documentation easily.  Staff at the school could join the Teams meeting, as desired, and BAA provided a clear and succinct report of the family’s circumstances with a recommendation on the level of bursary support.  Their recommendation considered the reasonableness of their assessment of net disposable income and incorporated a review of assets and liabilities. 

Jo provided an Executive Summary of the results of all bursary visits, and she delivered a very helpful presentation to the Senior Leadership Team, Director of Development and Director of Admissions & Marketing, in the context of our bursary and admissions strategy. 

The benefits of engaging BAA have been significant in implementing an efficient on-line application process which ensures a consistent approach in the evaluation process.   The involvement of BAA has enabled us to respond to prospective and current parents with the support of the independent assessment.” 

“Jo and her team at Bursary Assessment Associates have helped transform how we manage our Bursary process. The assessments they conduct and reports they produce are detailed, balanced, and provide recommendations in line with my School’s ethos and approach to awarding Bursaries. Most importantly, Bursary Assessment Associates have been able to respond flexibly and in a timely manner to our needs this year, which has enhanced the experience of our families joining d’Overbroeck’s.”

“BAA fully understands the challenges Independent Schools are facing when awarding Bursaries and are always available to offer help and support.  

The quality and content of their reporting has been of great benefit to our bursary process.” 


“We have been working with BAA since 2018 and they provide the full suite of bursary administration and assessment services to us as well as executive reports for our bursary decision meetings. We find the whole team at BAA to be professional, responsive, and approachable, their work is always of a high standard and their approach is thorough and consistent. BAA are always seeking to innovate and further improve the experience of families and schools engaging in the bursary process and with their own experience of working in schools, they have an excellent perspective on what information and services Bursars need. The introduction of Secure Apply, their online application system is a good example of their ongoing investment in innovation, and we are delighted that we will be in a position to make this available to families this year as well the introduction of their help desk which will further support families with the application process. 

Working with BAA has relieved a great deal of pressure from me and my teams busy schedule, knowing that BAA handle the process on our behalf is reassuring and their professional, friendly approach is much appreciated when they meet with families who are applying for a bursary at our school.  Their executive reports are always delivered to us well within our deadlines and the insights and information provided are extremely helpful in enabling us to make an informed and timely decision. 

We would recommend their services to any independent school looking for an Independent, reliable and professional service.” 

  “Bursary Assessment Associates have provided an invaluable and thoroughly professional service to aid the assessment of our bursary applications. They have carried out rigorous assessment and delivered comprehensive and objective evaluations, well within our required timescales. 

We welcome the independent discussions they are able to have with parents, particularly when current awards are being reassessed. 

We are very happy to have worked with BAA and look forward to developing our relationship in the future.” 


“We have been working with BAA this academic year and have found their service to be professional, timely and supportive of both the parents’ circumstances and the school’s need to ensure that awards made are to those whose circumstances would otherwise make an education for their child at Prior Park Schools beyond their reach. 

The independence and thoroughness of the BAA assessment works very well alongside our already rigorous in-house processes and adds considerable weight to the Prior Park Schools aim to offer transformational bursaries and to support our current families who may be facing sudden financial hardship. 

We have no hesitation in recommending their services”

“Being new to school finances and recognising the involved nature of bursaries, and that our school needed a robust bursary process, I searched for companies that offer bursary services and BAA came up.  Jo Beer responded quickly to my enquiry and I found the BAA pricing structure clearer, more inclusive, and more competitive than another company that I heard back from.  After a telephone call with Jo, I was sold on the potential of how easy it would be to work with her, and her team and I wasn’t wrong.  The setup is very professional but with a friendly, approachable feel. 

Jo had the school up and running with BAA immediately, I sent over our first assessment after our phone call.  It has relieved a great deal of pressure from me and my busy schedule, knowing that I can redirect parents to BAA and then can rely on the Bursary Report I will receive to guide us in our decision making. 

For any other independent school looking for a professional service to process your bursaries, don’t hesitate in contacting BAA.  It has been the easiest and best decision I’ve made this academic year.”


“We have been very impressed by the service provided by BAA. Our in-house process was substantial; however BAA’s services have taken us to a different level. Several detailed assessments were carried out in a short period of time, generating succinct and decisive reports which added great value to our decision-making process. 

This has given us an impartial clarity which would stand up to close scrutiny and a confidence that our charitable funds are indeed being utilised in the best manner possible. 

We would highly recommend their services.”

Parent Testimonials

“Thank you very much for your home visit today. I have never applied for an award like this and as you know I was quite nervousyou have been so professional, approachable, and kind throughout and have been able to answer my many questions brilliantly! Whatever the outcome, I can rest assured after the detailed meeting that you will convey a full and complete picture of our financial circumstances to the School on our behalf.

Thankyou for your time today, you are so good at what you do and really helped put me at ease and support me through all of the elements of the financial assessment, Many Thanks

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