A bursary can change a life forever

Receiving a school bursary award can be a pivotal moment in a young person’s learning life. It’s wonderful to see an independent education made possible for families that qualify for financial assistance towards school fees.
Bursary Assessment Associates provides the link between the school and the family, managing the bursary application and assessment process in an impartial, insightful and joined up way.
Our down-to-earth, experienced team combines serious financial knowledge and educational expertise. We have the capacity to handle thousands of bursary applications every year, and each application is managed personally by a qualified associate.
We oversee the entire process on behalf of the school, backed by Secure Apply, our online application management portal. From bursar’s briefing through to application review, assessment, data analysis, home visits, reporting and recommendations, we support school and family through a robust process. Good communication is an essential part of the process. We make it our priority to keep everyone involved in the loop.
Our role is much more than school bursary administration – we focus on the people behind the process and create pathways to educational opportunities that change lives.

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Quick and transparent online bursary applications

Secure Apply is our custom built online application software designed to capture, encrypt and store bursary applications and supporting information.

Handles high volumes of applications

The highest standards of quality and data security

Easy to access for schools and families

Progress reports and analysis produced at the school’s request

Allows us to reach schools and colleges across the UK



Why bursary departments choose to work with us

We understand the pressures and demands on independent schools

We are 100% impartial – and human!

Our online application portal is user friendly and can handle large volumes

Robust data management and data security

Insightful, detailed and reliable reporting

Additional support and feedback for parents

Consultancy support for school bursary departments


A bursary can change a life forever

Bursary Assessment Associates

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